About us
Services and Costs

We at IN PACTA are hopeful we can help you resolve your personal injury, family law dissolution (or parenting plan), contract, employment law or commercial law dispute.  While our mediation services are not limited to these areas, these are some of the primary areas where we can help.

We are also cognizant of the expense associated with mediation and therefore, our rates reflect that concern as we charge $150/per hour, $500 per half day (4 hours) or $800 per whole day (8 hours).

We do have an administrative fee of $50 for the mediation set-up, but other than this admin fee, the lawyer-mediator fee, there are no additional charges.

And of course, if we are successful in resolving your case, then in the near term, the hope is that you will be saving the cost of continued legal fees.

We look forward to booking your mediation with INPACTA so that we can effectively and efficiently resolve your legal dispute.